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It also states that the FBI has active domestic terrorism cases which includes and therefore are not all white supremacist links. I am not defending white supremacy, but if you want to post an article to claim that left-wing violence is less common, try to use one that actually states that. Actually, if you could compare the number of cases on each side you would realize that the most abrasive, violent, intolerant acts have been perpetrated by left wing activists.

Give me one incidence of Conservative violence toward the left. Why do you think Obama set back racial relations?

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The fact that you think that makes you ignorant seeing as the republicans had the black brain surgeon running for em i always froget his name but he is a great man along with president trump. Thank you for the balanced view on political violence by also mentioning a Bernie Sanders supporter who shot at the Republican baseball team and the repeatedly shown violence by groups like ANTIFA. I wonder why. Jibber jabber jibber jabber.

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The Civil Rights era and Satanic Panic were crazier times than this. Not to mention the anarchist and red scares of the early 20th century were mad times. Also way to gloss over the the left wing violence. Yeah, because us law enforcement never does things like that for less than above board reasoning….

So which is it? We need a revolutionary war against the government, not against each other. The whole government. Bring back for the people by the people. Someone not falling for the horse crap our government is feeding us!

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Our problem is not our fellow American citizens, it is the government! Thank you! People have been saying this for years.

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The only difference is you hear more about it online and on social media. How did Antifa get completely ignored in the examples of political violence. It was a hard read after discovering the bias in the writing and the contributors. In other words, most terrorist attacks in the United States, and most deaths from terrorist attacks, are caused by white extremists. The comments i read after such an excellent article proves my constant argument that the winners of the contest failed go to the Roman way in the way Scipio Africanus adviced.

After the defeat of Carthage Rome never had any subsequent problems in that part of the world. Likewise the North in my opinion should have killed all the males sold the women in the Barbary Coast after all they were into slavery… right? And salted the soil. There has actually been no attacks on Mexican immigrants I know of. You are conflating neo Nazi violence attacks on Jews and blacks with a man who is only critical of immigration from Mexico and has had nothing but good things to say about black Americans and who is pro Israel with Jewish family.

This is how a propaganda machine works. For an article from BU I expected far better than this.

May Update on the “Second American Civil War” – Forward Observer

This article failed on every level to enlighten anyone. The United States can heal itself with reason. However, the right will never cooperate with the left. News is now instant as well as information. Donald Trump Supporters are more supportive now then ever.

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They are not going away. They have decided that life with the left is impossible. Civil War? Call it what ever you want. The right sees the left as traitors and complicit to criminal behavior the undermining of their religion and United States as a independent nation. What was the civil war fought over? Think about it. It was fought for a lot less. A modern civil war will not have a line. The left should be concerned about this. The right albeit not perfect have always had the real physical power and have just have restrained it for now. The left has pushed their issues to far.

I fear for this country and our divide. God Bless America. I would simply add that the idea that the right can not live with the left is supported in the same fashion on the left. The left believes every person on the right is a racist, any support of president trump or having a border is a sign of being a white nationalist! Lets not forget the idea that the right is destroying the planet. So yes if the right is this to the left there can be no middle ground.

Each side has painted the other into a corner and if we are truthful both sides see the other as trying to destroy a way of life. One defends years of proud tradition, the other sees plus years of oppression in the United States! They can not both be right! They for sure could both be wrong, but getting million people to admit they are wrong? Ya were going to fight! Certainly Dr. France or Georgia May well have more poignant examples than our own history. Consider that in the case of the civil war, the pathologically narcissistic president came after Lincoln.

Trump's war on everything, and could the Democrats be headed for civil war? - Planet America

Consider that the legitimacy of all three branches of our government is actively being questioned be that questioning reasonable or not. Consider the active demonization of not just politicians, but the voters supporting them. The prevalance of politics dividing families is certainly higher now than in the last 40 years. The internet, social media etc. People exist in their own information bubbles with little ability nor incentive to escape. Their information has been so reinforced that Level 1 thinking now dominates. Historical models will only get us so far. Both sides feel disenfranchised.

Both sides feel unheard.

Both sides consider their opponents not just enemies but villains. The masses can delude themselves — be it magical thinking that somehow healing is possible or that there will be no consequences for such disenfranchisement.

Healing would only be possible if both sides can agree on a reality. That can only happen if there is a paradigm shift in public media. That can only happen if there is a cost incentive to make such a shift. That can only happen if laws change. That can only happen if money gets out of politics.

What do you think is actively happening? Divide and conquer. BOTH sides are instigating it, anyone wonder why? Or are you all just content to bicker at each other and play into their hands. Theres quite a few conservatives claiming the left is the problem, but actually rhetoric from the right has become increasingly authoritarian and one sided. Just remember fascism is a right wing political problem.