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When we return, we feel happy for that, and for all the enriching experiences we had and places we visited. When people board a dinghy or a plane, they do it to migrate. But when we meditate, we travel to find freedom, and that authentic journey consists of daring to express ourselves in any way possible, no matter how repressed or enslaved we are….

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  3. Through the Perilous Fight: Six Weeks That Saved the Nation.
  4. Entheogenic substances such as ayahuasca or bufo alvarius are also consumed more and more all around the world. We try to give our life meaning by embarking on these mystical journeys.

    They are internal and done without displacing ourselves even a single metre. They are the cheapest and the most satisfactory journeys of all, especially when we reach the deepest levels of our own incomprehension.

    Cirque du Soleil: A Beatles Love-In From Las Vegas to Eternity

    It is there that we realize how far we have come with our consciousness, and only when we reach that limit can we challenge ourselves to make a tremendous journey to comprehension. Journeying toward comprehension means crossing the border that expands our consciousness into our hearts. No matter whether they are business or family trips, holidays, or spiritual journeys. Other times, we just travel, without even realizing that being a part of the infinite is the greatest journey of all.

    Everything is expanding at more than , km per second. How far will we go? Additionally, in life we can travel to heaven or hell as well. Both destinations are far away and close by at the same time, to the extent that you may access them right now if you so choose. Once, I travelled to Colombia.

    Pieces of a Dream — Evolution of Love ('93 Smooth Jazz/R&B)

    There, I met a shaman who gave me Ayahuasca, a shamanic medicine that allowed me to make the most wonderful journey of my life. But that was only a taste of the magical journey I was about to embark on in my life. In these past 15 years I have travelled around all of Spain, and in the last few months, I have travelled to more than 20 countries. I did not travel just for work, but because I take with me all that I have picked up along the way, both in my internal and external journeys.

    I travel around accompanied by a tireless traveller: MY SOUL, which takes me all around the world because it yearns to flourish. It is not by coincidence that I met Roger Choque during a trip to Bolivia.

    The Love Evolution To Eternity

    This Yatiri also made me make a journey to overcome an old limitation of mine. These are one-way trips. I later found out that a Yatiri is a master traveller who dares to reach within. Every second we were travelling, just as you are right now, as you read this words; or as I am, as I write them. In this very moment, there is food travelling through your digestive tract, blood travelling through your veins, and your thoughts are surely taking you around your imagination. That is why I want to use this momentary phenomenon of us travelling together for a few minutes to share my gratitude for this journey to eternity.

    This journey is infinite, life is nothing more than a short stop, and we are simply at this station, waiting for the next leg of the trip. In this station, we have been given a dose of consciousness to help us become aware of the journey we are in and of the traveller that lives within ourselves.

    We can grasp the magnitude of eternity, and we undertake the most mysterious journey that exists: to penetrate in the understanding of the infinite; to feel from our hearts that there is no beginning, that everything exists as it is, and will continue to do so for all eternity. Nothing comes close to it. In this station, we can do many things.